Market Strategy Report


August – October are historically some of the most volatile months of the year.  We will continue to be very active in this strategy to find winning trades.


While large company stocks “hover” at high levels, the broad market has been showing signs of weakness caused by more market “head winds”…tampering talk, no resolution to the gov’t debt ceiling and delta variant.


Status Quo here.


Status Quo here.


Expecting the Fed to announce they will start tampering their buying of $120 billion worth of treasury bonds each month.  Rising interest rates alone is not a concern but rather the rate of change the must be monitored closely.

The primary purpose of this communication is to provide clients with a broad level perspective of each of the firms’ allocation strategies. How each of these strategies will act in the future is a complete unknown and cannot be assumed or guaranteed since future market activity is unknown.

As with any investment, past performance cannot assure any level of future results. There can be no guarantee that the performance and max drawdown being illustrated will act in a similar fashion in the future.

* Performance figure is provided by Black Diamond Wealth Management performance software provided to Family Dynasty Advisors LLC.