How we’re different

Successful investing is a key to turning your most important financial goals into reality. At Family Dynasty Advisors, we believe investing is too important to outsource to distant, one-size-fits-all mutual-fund and money-manager firms. That’s why we proudly craft actively managed, customized client portfolios.


Family Dynasty Advisors portfolios are customized to meet each client’s unique situation and objectives. Our allocations can lie anywhere on the spectrum between all-stock, all-bond, or somewhere in between.

Our proprietary investment management strategy is the foundation to our goal of providing the maximum risk-adjusted total return (market appreciation plus income) for each of our clients’ portfolio while minimizing the negative impact a clients’ portfolio can experience during a market downturn.


As an independent firm, we use an open-architecture platform to provide us access to the widest range of investment options. Our platform provides advantages, such as competitive fees and timely trade implementation whereby clients can access and monitor their portfolio activity and performance through industry leading software.

Our core equity strategy favors stocks that historically pay dividends which support and smooth out portfolio returns. We then incorporate momentum strategies into a client’s portfolio as the market dictates and when appropriate.

We closely monitor the fixed-income market opportunities to ensure the durations and maturities of our various government, municipal and/or corporate bonds match up with the income and cash needs of our clients. We also incorporate FDIC insured CD’s when appropriate.